Mercedes E w211, CLS w219


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>> Junsun V1 series radio for Mercedes Benz W211 E300 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

> Basic functions:
1, Android 12 + Built-in Wireless Carplay/ Android Auto ;
2, IPS HD 1280*720P Screen, deliver a clearer and more vibrant picture;
3, Octa Core 1.6GHZ + DDR3 (1GB/2GB/4GB/6GB) Flash + (16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB) Memory ;
4, 4G Network + Steering Wheel Control + RDS +Built-in Navigation Offline Maps + High-quality DSP chip makes the sound quality playback even better;
5, Junsun radios' power cable is pin to pin, can be directly connected to the car power interface, easy to install.

> Product's features:
1, Personalized UI Design, common functions are integrated into the desktop,and allowing you to switch, support day and night mode;
2, Online radio: Relies on internet to search multiple channel (cover 20 countries' stations)
3, Advanced voice control: Control radio by voice, improve driving safety;
4, GPS track: Using the “Junsun Oline” app to view driving tracks, parking locations, and remote surveillance shooting (need buy dashcam);

> Optional accessories:
1, AHD Rear Camera: Higher video resolution and stable transmission;
2, ADAS & GPS Tracer DVR: You can check tracking information and parking location on your phone;
3, Tire Pressure Monitoring: Automatically update tire pressure and temperature to ensure your driving safety;
4, OBD2: More accurate detection and repair of vehicle problems;
5, External Microphone: Support for connecting microphones with 3.5mm port;
6, DAB+: Using digital signal transmission, it can provide more stable and clear audio effect.

The radio will switch between day and night modes using car headlights to adjust the overall brightness of the screen to match the surrounding environment. Common functions are integrated into the desktop, enabling you to switch between navigation, music, Bluetoo-th calls, and other common features with just one click. Junsun's personalized UI design enhances convenience and safety throughout your journey;

PS: if you receive UI3.0, and want to update UI4.0, please contact online service for help

The Junsun radio supports Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to use smartphone functions and applications such as navigation, music, calls, and messaging during your journey. It provides a high-quality audio experience, enhancing the entertainment and convenience of your driving experience.

PS:V1 C/V1 Pro C/V1 Plus version are supported.

DSP is a powerful tool that optimizes sound quality and adapts to various environments. It fine-tunes audio parameters like equalization, bass filtering, and sound folding, ensuring optimal sound performance tailored to your car and speaker setup.

Experience the exclusive "Junsun Online" app designed by Junsun, where you can effortlessly track your vehicle's real-time location, replay historical routes, and remotely monitor and capture with just one click (requires the purchase of a dashcam). This feature not only allows you to gain insights into your driving performance but also enhances overall driving safety and experience.

Advanced driver assistance systems, 1080P HD shooting, hidden installation, large screen display, providing safe driving.

With the real-time image display, you can clearly see the blind spots and obstacles behind your vehicle, greatly reducing the risk of reversing accidents.

Junsun car navigation system offers built-in offline maps and online map support, allowing you to find the right route at any time. Regardless of the network conditions, we ensure that your navigation experience remains uninterrupted. And we provide free updates, ensuring that you always have the latest map data.

Enjoy superior multitasking, easy-to-navigate interface, enhanced visuals, adjustable settings and touch-sensitive controls. e.g. navigation for the main driver, playing video for the passenger, or one side listening to music and other side turning on ADAS dvr functions etc.

Connect your car navigation system to an external display and enjoy a larger screen experience. The AV-Out feature allows you to project the content and functionality of your navigation system onto supported external display devices, delivering a clearer and more immersive audio-visual experience.

Common pre-sales inquiries:

1. What is the difference between WiFi and 4G version?

The device has navigation, music playback, and parking assistance functions. However, in order to connect the radio to the internet, you will need to use your smartphone as a modem. Therefore, for car owners who actively use the internet while traveling, we recommend purchasing a device with 4G capability. Keeping your phone in modem mode all the time can quickly drain its battery.

2. Does it include a rear view camera?

The product accessories do not include a rear view camera. If you are interested in a rear view camera, please purchase separately;

3. Does it support original/external microphones?

Please note that the accessory does not include the original microphone adapter.There is a microphone built-in the radio, If you want to use an external microphone, you can connect it through an RCA cable.

4. How can I determine if my car model is suitable?

Please click on the product link to view the page and confirm the model year first. Check if the central control image of the car matches your vehicle and the attentions in the page. If it is suitable, please feel assured to make the purchase. If you are unable to confirm, please contact our customer service for assistance.

Common post-sales inquiries:

1. How to connect the rear view camera?

1) Red cable ② is connected to the backup light "+"
2) Black cable ① is connected to the “GND“
3)The reversing detection cable ④(Brown color) is connected to the red cable ③ which extending from the video input cable, please follow the picture below to connect.

2.Why does the steering wheel control not work?

Please confirm if the accessory includes a Canbus first

1)There is no Canbus in the product, if you purchased V1/V1.C/V1 Pro/V1 Pro.C, Please enter Car Settings-General-SWC Type-Learing Type

2)There is no Canbus in the product, if you purchased V1 Plus, Please enter Settings-Car information-SWC-Learing Type

3) There is Canbus in the product, please check the 8pin interface of canbus cable connected first and then choose canbus type,the steering wheel controls will work.If you do not know the canbus model, please contact customer service.

3.How to connect wireless Carplay and Android Auto?

For the first connection, need to turn on the phone’s Bluetooth to pair with the car’s Bluetooth.
After the pairing is successful, the car radio will automatically jump to the Zlink or AutoLink interface
At this time, the phone pops up a message prompting "use carplay with Zlink or AutoLink
Then turn on the wifi of the mobile phone, and the carplay will be connected

4.How to connect wired Carplay and Android Auto?

Please use your original data cable to connect the phone to the 4 PIN USB cable, then turn on the Carplay/Android Auto function on your phone and the "AutoLink" or "ZLINK5" icon on the device to connect.

5.How to change the Boot Logo ?