Noise damping

It's no secret that most modern car manufacturers, in pursuit of lightening the weight of the car and saving fuel, have completely forgotten about the soundproofing of the cabin. But this is your comfort! This applies not only to Japanese and Korean brands, where sound insulation has always been limp, but today this also applies to almost all eminent European and American brands. Many car owners spend several hours a day driving their vehicles. So why should you put up with this mess?
Our company has developed and tested a number of solutions to improve the comfort of your travel.
1.Soundproofing doors: reduces side noise from passing vehicles, increases door stiffness and reduces heat transfer from the passenger compartment. It also creates acoustic design for car acoustics, which in turn improves the sound quality of your car stereo system.
2.Noise isolation of the hood and wheel arches: one of the main places for noise penetration from the road into the car interior is the wheel arches, therefore their hood vibration isolation also reduces vibrations transmitted from the engine to the car body.
3.Soundproofing the floor: increases the rigidity of the floor and reduces vibrations transmitted from the suspension and engine, thereby making the vehicle smoother and more comfortable.
4.Luggage compartment soundproofing: Take care of the rear row passengers and make their trip more comfortable.
5.Soundproofing the roof: removes wind noise that occurs when the car is moving at high speeds, making your trip more comfortable outside the city. It also reduces heat transfer from the passenger compartment.

You can not only buy noise-insulating materials from us, but also order the installation of noise insulation on your car.