Lightbar SX300-SP


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Vibrant LED light for more safety on the road

Unlit streets and dirt roads always present a greater risk for accidents. The LEDriving Lightbar SX300-SP LED auxiliary light not only shines more light in the darkness, it also increases safety in traffic.
The LED auxiliary light with approval for use on roads is equipped with 12 high-performance LEDs and gives drivers better visibility. The perception of light is also enhanced for oncoming traffic. The search light therefore contributes to this aspect of road safety.
Drivers can identify obstacles or potential hazards far in advance thanks to the beam range of the automotive auxiliary light. With an illuminance of one lux, the beam of light can reach up to 270 meters with a beam angle of eight degrees.
The intelligent reflector design of the LED high beam provides extremely high optical efficiency with homogeneous light distribution. This means that oncoming traffic is exposed to less glare from the 2600 lumen LED light.
Along with strong light output and improved road safety, the search light also offers visual appeal: It further enhances the unique off-road look of the vehicle.

Ruggedness and durability for on and off-road use
Strong jolts and harsh weather conditions present major challenges for the material. To ensure a longer lifespan, the LED auxiliary light is therefore equipped with a hard-wearing polycarbonate lens that meets the toughest demands.
The LEDriving Lightbar SX300-SP LED auxiliary light works dependably even at extreme temperatures of -30 to 60 degrees Celsius. That makes it the ideal companion, especially for off-road driving.
The integrated driver and thermal management system protects the high-performance LEDs from possible overheating. In addition, over and under voltage protection prevents power from exceeding a defined current over a certain amount of time.
Compact mounting dimensions mean that the LED auxiliary light can be used in a wide range of applications. Not only 4x4 and off-road vehicles, but utility and industrial vehicles can also benefit from the increased light output of the LED auxiliary light.

Technical Data

Country specific categorizations

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Application (Category and Product specific)

Additional high beam application

Electrical data

Nominal voltage

12/24 V

Nominal wattage

30 W

Test voltage

13.5 V

Photometrical data

Luminous flux

2600 lm

Color temperature

6000 K

Light distance at 1lx

270 m

Dimensions & weight


62.0 mm


38.0 mm


350.0 mm

Product weight

700.00 g


Lifespan Tc

5000 h

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Connector to lamp

DT Connector




Certificates & standards


ECE R10, R112

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E4 approval

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