Alpine PDP-E802DSP


€664,00 €699,00

8-Channel Digital DSP Amplifier


The PDP-E802DSP is the second generation of Alpine’s 8-Channel Digital DSP amplifier. This amazing all-in-one solution allows sound upgrading for virtually any vehicle with its incredible versatility and connectivity options. Featuring 6 input channels (both pre-amp and speaker level), as well as up to 8 fully configurable output channels allow for a very wide range of system applications and flexibility. Tune your sound with a professional 240-band Parametric EQ, 8 channel digital time correction, as well as a 8 channel digital crossover.

For system setup, use the Alpine PC software to connect wirelessly or via USB to the PDP-E802DSP. The very intuitive and easy-to-use software allows for full control over all settings and displays all data in a very nice graphical user interface. The free-of-charge Alpine Remote Control for PDP-E802DSP app (available for both Android and iPhone) lets you control your DSP amp on the go and includes the most important functions, such as master-volume, subwoofer level, source selection, pre-set recall and more. The PDP-E802DSP is the perfect solution especially for OEM upgrades, where the factory radio can’t be replaced by an after-market solution to get better sound. The Alpine DSP amp simply adds-on to the existing OEM system, allowing you to build any sound system around your factory system.

This versatile DSP amplifier features many improvement points for easier installability and improved sound quality. On the hardware side, the new designed input circuit improves noise suppression, while the new designed Pre-Out allows to connect an additional subwoofer amplifier if required. We improved the signal-to-noise ratio and included colour coded jumpers with clear labels to make installation and setup easier for the installer. There are many other improvements, such as better Wi-Fi stability, a more detailed RUX-KNOB2 adjustment behaviour, as well as an auto adjusting power supply voltage depending on load and volume. A new automatic impedance test protects your equipment from wrong connections.


Are you satisfied with your car stereo’s sound quality?

Anybody with a daily commute of 45 minutes one way spends about 300 hours per year in the car – simply to get to work and back home. Add any other drive and you easily get to over 500 hours per year. While we drive, we all listen to music to keep us entertained. In fact, for most people the car is the #1 location to enjoy music. So why not to invest in a proper sound system that lets you really enjoy your tunes, instead of simply listening to something in the background?! The Alpine PDP-E802DSP is a very versatile, affordable solution to bring amazing sound quality and dynamic into your vehicle.

Highest connection versatility and flexibility

The PDP-E802DSP is extremely versatile and flexible – it can be added-on to virtually any factory or aftermarket car entertainment system to build the sound system you require. Connect the DSP amp to your factory system through the 6-channel speaker-level inputs with remote sensing, or alternatively, use the 6-channel pre-amp inputs (RCA). There is also an Optical input (max 24bit / 96kHz) to connect additional sources.

Build your speaker system

You can freely configure the 8 output channels to your needs. Each channel delivers 100 Watts @ 4 Ohms (but limited to 700 Watts total output) and can be configured to be used as a tweeter, midrange, centre or woofer channel. You can also use two channels in parallel for a powerful 200 Watts subwoofer channel. The PDP-E802DSP includes digital crossovers, so you do not need to worry about installing passive crossovers all over the car. With a 20Hz to 22kHz frequency response range for all channels, you can build virtually any system you can think of.

Extensive sound tuning options

With the Alpine DSP amp, you get a professional sound studio out of the box: a 240-band Parametric EQ (30-bands per channel) lets you adjust the sound in great detail. You also get 8-channel digital time correction and an 8-channel digital crossover for perfect channel setup. Free analog routing allows you for example, to summarize several channels to create a center channel.

Pure Class-D technology

The Alpine DSP amp uses Class-D amplification technology: this means once an analogue input signal is converted to digital, it remains fully digital throughout the entire processing and amplification stage. With Class-D technology, an amplifier can reach much higher efficiency - meaning less heat production and therefore a much smaller heat-sink. This results in a very small, compact housing, that can be easily placed somewhere in the vehicle (205mm x 150mm x 50mm).

Wireless system control

Download the Alpine Remote Control app for your iPhone or Android smartphone to control all key functions on the go: select input sources, adjust the systems master volume and the subwoofer level, select sound pre-sets and more - there is even a day and night mode. The app is a free download from the Google Play store or the Apple app store.

Start-Stop Engine compatible

The PDP-E802DSP will remain in full operation if your car is running on start-stop mode – meaning no unintended system shut-down when you stop at a crossroad or in a stop-and-go situation.

Bass Knob compatible

You can use the optionally available Alpine RUX-KNOB2 to control the subwoofer level or the master volume of your PDP-E802DSP. This inexpensive accessory can be easily installed somewhere in the dashboard to give you quick access to your subwoofer’s output or system’s master volume.

Wireless audio playback

If you use an Android phone, you can use the micro USB connection on the Alpine PDP-E802DSP to transfer and enjoy lossless audio files in full bandwidth. You can also connect your phone to the DSP amp using WiFi (wireless module is included with the PDP-E802DSP). We recommend to use the USB Audio Player Pro app for Android.

Expert sound tuning with your PC

Download the Alpine Sound Lab software for PDP-E802DSP from the support area and install it on your PC (compatible with Windows 10). Connect your PC via USB cable or wirelessly through WiFi to the Alpine PDP-E802DSP to start tuning your audio system.

240-band Parametric EQ and X-Over

The Parametric EQ is very easy to use: 30 bands per channel can be simply adjusted with sliders in real-time. The display gives you visual feedback of your adjustments. You can also set the digital X-Over for all 8 channels separately (HP, LP, BP 6/12/18/24dB/30dB, type of filter Butterworth, Bessel, Chebyshev, Linkwitz-Riley selectable). There is also a Phase Inversion (0,180) possible.

8-Channel Digital Time Correction

Use the graphical user interface to adjust the time delay for each speaker / channel separately. You can adjust the delay by cm, inches or ms. You can also delay whole groups of channels.

Analog routing

With this tool you can setup which input channel is routed to which output channel (in percent). This allows you for example, to create a center channel out of 2 front channels.

Source gain adjustment

You can adjust the gain of each analogue input from -6dB to +12dB to achieve the perfect input sensitivity of your source.



  • 6CH analog input for highly flexible system integration
    RCA (Low Level) (10kΩ): 0.5 to 4V (rms)
    Speaker Line (High Level) (22Ω): 2 to 18V (rms)
  • 1 digital TOSLINK/SPDIF input
  • Up to 8 speaker outputs with high power rating
  • 110dB signal-to-noise ratio (digital input)
  • Channel separation > 75dB
  • USB Device input for DSP setup by PC
  • Wireless connection with separate module (amp setup) for PC only, or wireless audio streaming (smart phone or PC))
  • Class-D amplifier with fully digital audio path
  • ADCs by Burr Brown
  • Remote app for iOS and Android with basic control functions (Master level, Sub level, Preset recall, source selection)
  • Pre-amp output (copy from channel 8, for external subwoofer amp)


  • Full digital audio path
  • High output power capability
  • Total power 700 Watt RMS into 4Ω
  • 100 Watt per channel into 4Ω
  • 120 Watt per channel into 2Ω
  • 200 Watt into 2Ω (two paralleled channels)
  • Advanced diagnostics for each output channels (short circuit, overheat, clipping)
  • Start-Stop Engine compatible
  • Load Capability: ≥2Ω
  • Paralleled output supported


  • Analog Devices DSP (ADAU1452)
  • Up to 8 speaker outputs with independent adjustable output level
  • Independent or linkable setups for all output channels
  • Delay on each channel up to 13.53ms, 0.01msec steps
  • 30-band Graphic Equalizer per channel with configurable frequency, Q (from 1 up to 15) and Gain (-30dB /+10dB)
  • Digital X-Over for each channel (HP, LP, BP) 6/12/18/24dB/30dB, type of filter (Butterworth, Bessel, Chebyshev, Linkwitz-Riley) selectable
  • Phase Inversion (0°,180°)
  • Master Volume (0 to 42dB)
  • Sub control (0 to 15dB)
  • Possibility to save/load up to 6 presets on DSP
  • External Preset toggling (Preset #6)
  • Settings can be secured by certificates
  • Free adjustable analog routing (example: channel mixing for center channel or 3-way input signal)
  • EQ ON/OFF possible (for each channel)
  • Delay grouping for easier TCR adjustment (up to 4 groups possible)
  • TCR ON/OFF for each channel possible
  • TCR help calculation for beginners
  • Overview page for all settings
  • Live monitor (for battery voltage and amp temperature)
  • Turn ON by signal, DC bias or wire
  • Alpine RUX-KNOB2 ready (master volume or sub level)
  • Additional gain on digital input (+6, +9dB). For matching analog/digital source levels.
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